“It feels so good knowing people are spreading the love for animals by wearing our tees”
Compassion Collective create epic animal inspired t-shirts (and art too!) to support awesome animal welfare causes

Compassion Collective was founded by partners Anna Celeste Watson and Stu Jones (pictured above) – ethical Designers at Boo&Stu – who are also the co-founders of Compassionate Dorset – a voluntary animal welfare group in the UK which started life in 2009. We sometimes collaborate with other animal loving Artists who joined the herd as part of our collective!

Stu previously worked in the Ethical Department of a large international high street fashion store, where he helped them to create a sound ethical policy, which also won them an RSPCA Good Business Award for animal welfare.

Originally based in Dorchester, Dorset and recently relocated to Barton-on-Sea in the beautiful New Forest on the Hampshire/Dorset border (where we often enjoy seeing highland cows, wild ponies, donkeys and foxes roaming free!), we are now an independent social enterprise who create our own range of animal inspired t-shirts through the Compassionate Tee-Shop and our own animal inspired art prints and greetings cards through Etsy which we post directly from our HQ.

In 2017 we partnered with RSPCA award winning company Rapanui at Teemill because they supply and print the most ethical t-shirts on the planet. All our tees and tops including our jumpers are vegan friendly, naturally – made from organic materials which do not contain any animal tested or animal derived ingredients.

We also donate a share of our profits to our favourite animal welfare causes and we recently celebrated 7 years of the Compassionate Tee-Shop – read more about our full journey in our blog.

Who Made My T-Shirt?

You can also follow the journey of a Compassionate Tee-Shop product – from organic seed – to ethical shop – and if you’ve placed an order you can meet the exact people who made and packed your tee.






Our Artists & Designers


Boo&Stu are an ethical design studio based in Dorset and the New Forest set-up by the founders of Compassion Collective, partners Anna Celeste Watson and Stu Jones who met completing a BA in Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon School of Art. Their favourite clients include Humane Society International, Cruelty Free International, Lush Cosmetics and Hounds Off. In 2016 Stu illustrated his first children’s book about badgers called The Ones Who Walk Above which has been highly acclaimed by wildlife experts including Chris Packham, Nigel Marven and Dominic Dyer.

“We had no idea when we set-up Compassionate Dorset back in 2009 that we would have achieved so much, be doing what we are doing now and working with so many amazing organisations. It is a real joy and a privilege to be able to use our designs to help animals. We hope you love our artwork as much as we love creating it!”


TinCat Design aka Ruth Wellman is a Designer based in Bristol, and is part of the Compassion Collective having originally won a Compassionate Dorset t-shirt design competition with our now bestselling ‘Born to Roam’ to raise awareness for the charity Compassion in World Farming.

“We love the values of Compassionate Dorset / Compassion Collective so were inspired to create something that would help them raise money.”

Sam Cannon

Sam is a much sought-after Artist with a BA (Hons) in Typography and Graphic Communication from Reading University and paints using watercolour and pen on paper from her countryside surrounded studio in a little village near Lyme Regis in Dorset.

“I was so chuffed at the thought that one of my paintings [‘Badgers’ created for Compassionate Dorset in aid of Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare] might do some good in the world… And if badgers being vaccinated helps protect all the beautiful cows that surround where I live, it seems a win win situation to me.”

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