Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare

Art Prints & Greetings Cards

Our founders (under Boo&Stu) created the logo to support our local badger group DBBW a few years ago, and we continue to help support them as much as we can.

A share of our profits from sales of badger themed art prints and cards by Sam Cannon via our Etsy shop are donated to Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare – to fund humane alternatives to the badger cull and to support their peaceful wounded badger patrols.




Special thanks to Sam Cannon

Back in 2013 local artist and friend Sam Cannon created a picture called ‘Badgers’ specifically to donate to our founding group Compassionate Dorset in response to the controversial and inhumane badger cull trials. We placed the original painting and 5 artist signed prints (as well as prints of ‘Hipster Badger’ also donated to us by Jenny Lloyd) in the ‘Change For Life Badger Auction’ on Facebook (22nd – 29th October) and the pictures raised an amazing £587.00 which we donated in full to DBBW to fund local badger vaccination projects. Click here to read a local newspaper article reporting on the auction.


“I was so chuffed at the thought that one of my paintings might do some good in the world that I’ve done another. And if badgers being vaccinated helps protect all the beautiful cows that surround where I live, it seems a win win situation to me.” 
– Sam Cannon (pictured here on the right handing over her ‘Badgers’ painting to our founder Anna Celeste Watson)


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