Limited edition lion t-shirt campaign launches for World Lion Day to help end trophy hunting

*UPDATE: This campaign has now ended!
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Rarrr! Get your paws on our new EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION lion t-shirts to help END TROPHY HUNTING…

Lions are one of our most majestic and powerful wild animals, but these big cats are under threat from the loss of habitat, bush-meat poaching, human conflict and trophy hunting. Without urgent action, the African lion could disappear from the wild in just 10 to 20 years.

50% of our profits from every lion t-shirt sold will be donated to Animal Defenders International – to help protect the African Lion and other wild animals from hunters.

The tees have launched for World Lion Day and are available for just 2 weeks until 24th August 2017 in the hope we can make a big “Rarrr!” to raise as much funds as possible to support ADI’s vital work.

“Lion Heart” T-Shirt

This July, almost two years to the day after the killing of the world’s most iconic lion, Cecil, one of his sons, Xanda, has met the same fate as his father. A big game trophy hunter shot him when he wandered outside the protected area of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, not far from where Cecil was killed in 2015. Their deaths have caused heartbreak and outrage by conservationists and the public worldwide.

In response to this tragic news and in honour of #CeciltheLion and his son #XandatheLion, we decided to revamp our Lion design which was originally inspired by a photo of a lion called Colo Colo in one of Animal Defender International’s magazines.

This tee celebrates the beauty of these magnificent beings and we hope it makes a powerful statement – as we think the best way to fight cruelty is with love and compassion!

Wear your heart on your chest to raise awareness and spread this message: #BanTrophyHunting



“I am Lion” T-Shirt

We also wanted to create a cool tee for kids to inspire the next generation of wildlife warriors, to be brave, be bold and make a difference, so we’ve come up with this cute little lion tee!

Young animal defenders can wear this tee with pride and a smile to help protect our lions.
(It’s available in adult options too for big kids at heart like us!!!).



Hurry! These t-shirts are available exclusively at Teespring until Thursday 24th August 2017 so grab them while you can!
(NOT available from our main Compassionate Tee-Shop)

Help us to save our lions one t-shirt at a time – every sale counts and can add up to make a BIG difference…

More about World Lion Day

World Lion Day is held on the 10th August every year and falls rather appropriately in the Leo Zodiac sign to help people remember this important day!

It exists for people all over the world to unite to raise awareness for these ‘King of Beasts’ and aims to highlight the plight of African and Asiatic lion. The lion plays a significant role biologically, culturally, symbolically, economically and more. It is hoped that the recognition of the species’ worldwide importance will result in more active conservation worldwide also.

Compassion Collective believe that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and compassion and we want to play our part to help protect our precious wildlife now and for future generations. We hope you do too.



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