Save the Vaquita! New eco-friendly t-shirts launch for World Oceans Day

*UPDATE: This campaign has now ended!
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8th June is World Oceans Day, so we decided to launch a new limited edition eco-friendly t-shirt to raise awareness to help Save the Vaquita.

The Vaquita meaning “little cow of the sea” (also often referred to as the “panda of the sea” due its gorgeous distinctive panda eyes!) is the world’s smallest cetacean (which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises). Living on the Gulf of California, Mexico, these little porpoises have the unenviable label of being the most endangered marine animal on the planet with only 23 estimated remaining in the wild.

This June 2017, 20% of our profits from our LIMITED EDITION ‘Viva La Vaquita’ t-shirts will be donated to two amazing organisations – ¡VIVA Vaquita! and Whale and Dolphin Conservation – to support their work to help Vaquitas from being entangled, abandoned and drowned by illegal and lost fishing nets and gillnets which are driving them towards extinction.

With award winning traceability from seed to shop, our t-shirts are sweatshop-free and made with organic materials in ethically accredited wind-powered factories. Our tees are also printed with environmentally friendly inks using low waste state-of-the-art print-on-demand technology powered by Teemill – which is better for people, our planet and of course our animals.



Of course supporting sustainable t-shirts that aim to raise awareness for a great cause is just the start!…

This week it has been reported that the Mexican government has committed to banning gillnets permanently and developing new vaquita-safe fishing gear (thanks partly we believe to encouragement by the awesome Leo DeCaprio!). Great news indeed and well done to all the amazing organisations that campaigned to make this happen, and who are needed now more than ever to make sure this is enforced.

Our limited edition Vaquita t-shirts are available for 1 month only!
Hurry! Order by 8 July 2017 when we celebrate International Save the Vaquita Day.


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