Stop the Cull t-shirt launched for National Badger Week

*UPDATE: This campaign has now ended!
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To celebrate National Badger Week this week – 24th June to 1st July 2017 – we’ve launched a bold new and bang on-trend retro message tee for you to make a statement and stand up for Britain’s beloved badgers.

All this week 20% of our profits from all our badger t-shirts (we got some other fab badgery t-shirt designs too) will be donated to the Badger Trust to help end the controversial badger cull.



Why we need to stop the cull

The UK’s badgers are threatened by a roll-out of the badger cull which has been deemed by leading Scientific bodies, vets and wildlife experts to be an inhumane, indiscriminate, costly and ineffective way to fight bovine TB.

bTB is a disease which affects many cows (particularly here in the South West) who are usually sadly slaughtered as soon as they test positive, along with most of their herd. But badgers are just one of many animals who can carry the disease. There are also indications that culling can actually spread bTB further as frightened badgers flee the shooting zones into neighbouring land.

Culling just doesn’t make sense so we want to do our bit…

Cows are cool but so are badgers!

As you may have noticed we particularly love cows, in fact we got one on our logo! So why do we still want to stop the badger cull? Because we believe that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, and that culling any animal should be the absolutely last resort. We want to support the Badger Trust in their efforts to stop the cull – for good – and to promote more effective and humane alternatives to the cull that will help badgers and cows too.

Wear your tee with pride and help us protect this iconic species for future generations before its too late!

Order by 1 July to support National Badger Week 2017!


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