Win an animal inspired organic cotton t-shirt this Organic September

It’s #OrganicSeptember! Launched by the Soil Association, Organic September celebrates everything organic – from food to fashion. So we’re celebrating by re-running our competition to win a gorgeous animal inspired organic cotton tee of your choice from Animaltopia Clothing like our bestselling ‘Born to Roam Wild’ tee…

We love all things organic and we believe in making fashion the right way. For us, that means making our t-shirts and tops as ethically and sustainably as possible – for people, animals and our planet. As well as using cruelty-free materials and dyes, renewable energy, low waste printing technology, plastic-free packaging and of course making sure our products are sweat-shop free, a massive part of “doing the right thing” is by making our clothing using organic materials.

That’s why last year we chose to team up with award winning ethical and organic suppliers Teemill to relaunch our online animal inspired clothing shop.

Organic fashion – better for people, animals and the planet

All our tees and tops at Animaltopia Clothing are made from the softest organic cotton which gives them their premium quality and lush supersoft feel.

Organic cotton starts life looking like a little bit of cotton wool bursting from a dry flower – and we do love a little bit of flower power here as you can see from our new ‘Daisy Bee’ tee!!!

Animaltopia’s organic cotton clothing is:

  • Non-GM and GOTS certified organic (that’s the Global Organic Textile Standard – the only organic label you can truly trust).
  • Grown without synthetic fertilisers or toxic pesticides which can poison rivers and wildlife.
  • Co planting, insect traps and cow poo (yes, poo!) are used to encourage biodiversity.
  • By building soil fertility CO2 is locked into the soil, helping mitigate climate change.
  • Grown in the North of India, where the monsoons fill reservoirs that supply almost all the water needed.
  • Not tested on animals and do not contain any animal-derived products so they’re vegan-friendly.
  • Producers are paid a fairer price by our suppliers Teemill.

Follow the journey of an Animaltopia tee – from seed to shop

Thanks to our ace award winning ethical suppliers Teemill whose factory is on the Isle of Wight UK, you can investigate the whole supply chain and find out details about where your item was made, how it got here, and if you’ve ordered one of our tees, you can track your order to meet the exact people who crafted and packed your tee.



Feel the difference, wear the change

Organic fashion costs more to produce – both the materials and usually to make the garments themselves too, especially when making in smaller quantities than those placed by big high street ‘fast fashion’ chains. Add state-of-the-art, print-on-demand technology into the mix and the profit margin goes way down. But because we believe in superior quality ethical, organic and sustainable fashion, we aim to make our clothing as affordable as possible to our customers.

All our organic cotton t-shirts and shortsleeve tops are just £19 and perfect for every day.

Our eclectic mix of original animal inspired designs are created for supercool people who love animals and respect nature – from our epic and bestselling ‘Highland Cow’ and ‘Born to Roam Wild’ tees to our cute new ‘Daisy Bee’ and ‘Save the Bees’ tees. With our tee’s supersoft organic feel, you can literally feel the difference – we know, because our lovely customers tell us so!

“I love love love this! There is a big difference between regular cotton and organic sustainable cotton.
Not only is it better for the environment, but it feels just so much softer.”

– Angie

“Soft breathable fabric, ethically made, lovely designs and fit really well. I couldn’t be happier!”
– Emma

Experience the supersoft and lush feeling of our organic cotton tees for yourself and create your Animaltopia!



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