Say hello to Animaltopia… the new name for the Compassionate Tee-Shop

After 8 years since the launch of our first ‘Highland Cow’ t-shirt we’ve got a brand spanking new name and logo.

We’re the same people creating the same ethical, organic, vegan-friendly t-shirts for animal lovers, but we hope our new name will help us inspire a wider audience to create a world where all animals are protected and free.

All our clothing is:

  • Certified organic cotton (which means kinder to wildlife and the environment)
  • Ethically produced by award winning suppliers Teemill (so better for people too)
  • Sustainably made with renewable energy from the sun and wind
  • Plastic-free and printed with eco-friendly inks
  • Cruelty-free and vegan by nature
  • Some of our tees are created to support some of our favourite animal welfare charities.

Summer Collection

To celebrate we’ve launched some fresh new tees for the Summer. Designed by our founders Anna and Stu to celebrate our love for animals as always, and our hope of creating a better world for them.

Rainbow Dolphin T-Shirt

This epic retro print features a Maui Dolphin – the most critically endangered dolphin in the world – riding a rainbow to spread a message of hope, because we dream of a world where every dolphin is safe and free. Wear this tee with pride to share our hope and help save these awesome little dolphins from extinction.

Daisy Bee Tee

Get some flower power with another recent addition to our collection. Our bold new daisy bee graphic tee is printed with a supercool grungy effect, perfect for every day and for the festival season too. The cute little bee in the centre of this tee writes these words: a little bee and a flower… can change the world.

Save the Bees Tee

Another recent arrival who has flown into our shop so you can make a bold statement, is our Save the Bees tee. Available in a lush choice of colours, this honey gold effect slogan tee is guaranteed to make you feel the bee’s knees too!

Sonic Pleasures (Remix) Top

We’ve revamped one of our fave tee designs for the Summer and re-mixed some of the coolest ocean loving creatures on the planet, with iconic album art by Joy Division. This parody tee celebrates how Bottlenose dolphins love to play, and use sonar to communicate with each other. These dolphins are having fun surfing sonic waves of pure pleasure. Wear this epic top to spread the love for dolphin kind and because life is a ride… so let’s enjoy it!


We’ll be rolling out our new name to our portal website, blog and our Etsy Art Shop soon too and we hope you’ll stay with us to share the love… and create… your Animaltopia.


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